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Broken Lines examines the life of a young man who was hell-bent on destroying himself, only to be saved, surprisingly, by a near-fatal car accident.

Since he was a young child, Austin Guerra was afflicted with ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, impulse control, and chronic anxiety. These innate conditions soon manifested in arrogant and disruptive behavior, and, by age 12, alcohol and drug abuse. All of these afflictions led to a tragic mistake that nearly killed him.

This documentary takes us to the time before, and immediately after, Austin’s near fatal collision, which resulted in severe bodily injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), along with partial blindness and deafness. But the person who arose from that mangled automobile and a coma, and subsequent physical rehabilitation and sobriety, became something other, and greater, than he was prior to the accident. Thus his new life began while still in a coma.

From a near miraculous recovery to an equally miraculous transformation of personality, perspective and inner spirit, this is a story that includes, and transcends, modern medicine, physical healing, and recovery from substance abuse. It is a story of promise, and the impossible made possible.

Film Reviews

What was outstanding for me is that you penetrated and unfolded so beautifully cinematically the issues behind addiction illuminating the problems that lead to the problem of addiction. The film and discussion afterwards was brilliant. You are widening the path for recovery for so many and their loved ones. Thank you! — Susan

What a wonderful documentary! We were both very moved by it. Such an interesting array of perspectives that pulled together the essence of what transpired. You do amazing work!
— Ralph

Broken Lines was a triumph for you as a film maker and for Austin as its subject! So glad there were so many there, and everyone was deeply moved by what you’ve created.– Chris